“Rs 250,Ma’am”.

I woke up as the cab driver murmured something.

“Sorry?”, I asked.

We’re here ma’am!

It was deathly quiet  moment  as I laid my eyes on the red bricked hut shaped building. The silence broke with the horn of the vehicles  and I said thankyou as I left the cab.

‘I’M BACK HOME’ the inner me shouted with my feet approaching  the door. I got a little disturbed as I walked in , there was nobody to welcome me except a gold ceremic vase  which used to be at the side table near the showcase. But now, there was nothing except a walnut coloured centre table which too was occupied by some unfamilier stuff.  The fireplace was replaced by a bundle of old newspapers and   some greyish stuff replaced the red satin curtains.

The huge wall painting was replaced by a potrait. I shivered  a little as I walk closer to the still silent face.

For a moment , I felt  like I can’t even breathe properly as every fond memory flashed in my mind like a sequence of pictures  running apace.

“only if you were here, mom”. I said, with tears in my eyes and locked the door of that beautiful red bricked house ,



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