how to break her!


Embrace her

With thread like promises

One Overlapping the other.


Tight enough to bring her soul the essence of life,

Proceed to fill Every bit and chunk With myriad colors,

Colors of hope!


Carefully rejecting the crevices

Braid emotions in an Exquisite faishon.


Just after the slightest of detail dances In sparkles of expectations,



8 thoughts on “how to break her!

  1. How to take him for granted ! How to make him vulnerable, how to make him feel you are least wanted person in the world, how to make him realise that he is crumpled creature, and one fine day He Shined, He Shined So Sharp that made her blind, blind to see him, It felt like He Left, He Is Still there Burning & Shining as intense as he would !


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