Birthday Week




I’ve been always a pampered teen who used to count days a month before her birthday. The level of excitement grew each year.thirteenth.. fourteenth.. and more excitement for gifts. From chocolate boxes to big fat teddy bears to smartphones. Its been a really long journey ugh!

As I now proceed to my last teen, the thirst for pretty unreal things no longer exist.Trust me,I modified my title to “bold” just for a peppy pomp.As I now realize, those frills were colorfull instruments made to emancipate the dear heart and balloons to overjoy the nerves. Light enough to symbolize the undarkened soul

intensely fatal, for the joy was temporary.

This period proved to be a phase of magnificent transformation. Accepting things the way they are and facing the non-artificial world was never easy.

All these years, many people kissed goodbyes and many were earned,though the earnings never replaced the goodbye’s and never will. I learned to cherish sunrises that comes as incredibly amazing mates and to bow down for the sunsets as with every phase I know a little more of myself. I no more fear the dusk or the nightfalls.

I now, as a grown up “she” is strong enough to detangle the complications with my graceful hands in the most beautiful way you can ever imagine and can acquire the realities just like any other girl in the walkway!…



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