it all started with high..

It was more than just a triumph,
when the burning hearts outshined the flaming candles,
there was a a sheen all over,
more shimmering than the stars
the intensity of the lanterns matched the smiling eyes &
the flickering echo of laughing hearts.

These memories conquer my mind,like illusions on a broken portrait
And then I look around,
Trying to control the quaking heart
Wishing to find an unreal something,
And I fail; yet again; one more part of my soul relinquishes its life.
With blurry eyes,I gaze the round figure
The embedded crystal

Absorbing the ache,
Reflecting the charm
Tied in its acute, geometric cuts, reflecting facets
Rescue me from the unpleasant flux,
Just to blow harder.

And then, the white satin dress seizes my attention,
Its every crease,
Every overlap sings a different theme
each fold of the frill
plays a delightful labyrinth.

All these precious possessions are nothing,
When you come in my view.
Your eyes,
Sparkling with the essence of assurance,
Tells me something
Increasing my curiosity to ask you a million things.
With another heartache,
I realise
Pictures don’t speak.

Void of your absence is again filled by infinite memories
and the lingering hope of how can it end anyway
when it all started with a high,
Eternal love.


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