14364745_1093101034092498_4547633547942357367_nI haven’t told this to anyone before but I’m going to tell you now,

This world is killing me,

It’s like  suffocating inside a small box that shrinks every single day

I can’t exhale my frustration

As there is nothing  inside the box to inhale

The ropes of complications entangles with my neck

Making the knots which don’t hurt much

As before I can feel the pain,

Another swirl of the rope stucks .

Giving their best shot to kill me

Increasing my hunger to be free.



This world is making me feel like a depressed kid.

I feel like I’m left alone on the first day of school

Where are you dad?

These people are monsters covering there faces with those superhero  masks,

You brought  me when I demanded to be powerful.

These superheros are using there powers against me,

Judging me, binding me

They want  me to be the doll they can play with

I need you mom.



This world lifts me up

In the showers of care and concern

And when I try to open up

About my pain,

About those miseries burried inside my heart

They dig it more

And more

Till the pieces tear apart.

I know I sound like a depressed kid,

But you could be the only one to listen to me

This  world is killing me.

And I give up

I’ll miss you mom.

Don’t worry dad

I’ll be shinig bright

In The place just upright

Free from all these barriers.

Free from the pain.


your star.




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